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Mosquito nets are effective, increasingly popular, yet aesthetical solution, used to protect against insects, rodents and various kinds of pollen, and even excessive sunlight. The nests consist of an aluminium frame and a stretched anti-insect net. This is a perfect solution for use in homes and public buildings such as hospitals, holiday centres, etc. They can be installed to windows, doors, windows and balcony and terrace doors. Easy to install, made from an aesthetic, durable net, perfectly realize their protective function.




DK-prof offers several types of mosquito nets:





A mosquito net is rolled to the box, which is a very practical solution, because in this system, a mosquito net and shutter are located in one box (mosquito net is between the curtain and the blind). The big advantage is discreetly hidden roll the net is rolled on.

This type of a mosquito net can be installed in the following type of blind systems:

- External Oval

 - External Standard

 - Integro

 - DUO built-on 

Nets are available in the following colours: grey, black (for DUO built-in system – grey only).



A rolled mosquito net – can be installed on the wall, ceiling, or window frame. The net is rolled to an aesthetical box, which does not does not take much space..

Available colours of nets: grey



Available colours of boxes: white, brown



A frame mosquito net – installed on a window frame using special catches. A great asset of this system is that the mosquito net is very easy to set up, for example only for the summer season, and then dismantle within a few seconds..


Available colours of nets: grey, black


A door type mosquito net – are used for balcony doors most often. The net is installed on hinges and opens to the outside.

Available colours of nets: grey and black..



Colours of frames for a frame and door type mosquito net.

1 - nut (brown RAL - 8028) (for an extra charge)

2 – chocolate brown (brown RAL - 8017)

3 - golden oak (RAL - 8003)

4 - dark brown (brown RAL - 8022)

The frames are also available in white colour (RAL 9016).