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roletka tekstylna


A textile blind is a functional and aesthetic window curtain made of polyester gummed, paper or jacquard fabric. It provides the intimacy of each room, and it is easy to install. This type of curtain is an alternative solution proposed to regulate the light that enters from the outside, as well as an interesting element of the interior decoration. Rich collection of blinds manufactured by DK-PROF includes dozens of patterns and colours of fabric, allows for a perfect compositions, both inside accommodations as well as in usable rooms, and they highlight the individual character of each room. For production of roller blinds we use only the latest generation of fabrics that are impregnated and anti-static, making them easy to keep clean.

The offer includes several systems, which allows maximum adjustment of the range of goods to the Customer’s needs.



MAJA System – MAJA blinds are exceptionally easy to assemble hanging window blinds that can be fitted directly to the window frame. The advantage of this system is small size of the mechanism and low price.

BLANKA System - Blanka is an elegant and modern type of window blinds. Simple and easy to use chain mechanism allows for smooth and quiet control, and a wide range of fabrics makes that BLANKA blinds are a very popular form of curtains. They can be installed to the window sash or outside the window opening on the wall or a ceiling. Reinforced construction makes that the blinds can be used for covering larger areas such as shop windows and window recess.

VERA System – blinds used in this system, after installation, are an integral part of the window. Blind’s mechanism is covered by a discreet box, which is installed on a window sash. In addition, the blind is equipped with guides glued to the sash, which provides stability and allows for free use of the window. The box, besides aesthetic assets, protects the material located inside.



NINA System - advantage of this system is the assembly of a box and guides on the window sash with an adhesive tape, which does not require any interference in the window frame and the fact that these elements are installed outside the window light. The guiding system ensures stability and allows for free use of the window.


IGA System – blinds installed in IGA system have all the features of NINA system. An additional advantage, due to the larger capacity boxes, is the ability to apply this system to larger windows and doors, as well as the broader palette of colours of boxes and guides. 

LUISA System – blinds in LUISA system are, in contrast to other blinds in boxes, mounted directly onto a wall or ceiling. They are an ideal solution if we want to cover larger areas such as shop windows and window recess. In LUISA blinds, besides classical chain mechanism, you can use a spring or electric motor.