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roleta okienna

Aluminium roller shutters produced by DK-prof are a very practical kind of curtains that effectively protect from burglaries, heat losses, noise or excessive light. Shutters offered by our company are available in several systems to best fit the Customer’s needs..


DK-prof shutters provide:


  • Excellent thermal insulation – the use of shutters can save up to 30% of heat energy during heating season,
  • An additional obstacle for potential burglars – provide a sense of safety in the long absence,
  • Barrier for noise – protection against unwanted sounds,
  • An adjustment of lighting – the possibility of total blackout of the room (very useful solution for lecture and projection rooms),
  • Privacy - the possibility of obtaining completed isolation from the environment,
  • Protection against adverse weather conditions – protects windows and increases their durability.


External System:

  • freedom of compounding thanks to the possibility of an assembly in window recess or on the wall,
  • universality by using both in new buildings and the existing ones,
  • raising the standard of existing buildings without the need for major repairs,
  • possibility of integration with rolled mosquito screens.

 DUO built-on system



  • can be mounted inside and outside window sills, 
  • shutter’s box forms an integral part of the window, resulting in improved aesthetic of a building,
  • universality thanks to the possibility of assembly both in new buildings and during modernization of the existing ones. The shutters can be combined with all types of windows (PVC, wood, aluminium),
  • possibility of compounding with rolled mosquito nets.


Built-on System 


  • the possibility of assembly both in new buildings and during modernization of the existing ones,
  • can be mounted outside window sills,
  • a blind forms an integral part of the windows increasing an aesthetic of the building.


RKS System


  • this system allows considering the shutters already during preparation of the building Project, which allows for their ideal incorporation on the construction phase,
  • shutter lifting mechanism is hidden in the wall.